• Rabbi John Levi AC

    “I have been singing your praise at every speaking and teaching engagement since I set sight on
    “THE” Book. It is a great piece of work and beautifully produced. ..... I don’t think anyone has
    written such a personal and witty family history in Australia. Of course, the early chapters are a
    delight but you tackled the latter generations with skill. You managed to do this by involving us in
    the “what happens next?”chapter after chapter. And the photographs are fascinating”.

    Rabbi Levi has written extensively on Australian Jewish history, published a number of books and
    is widely accepted as the foremost authority on the subject.

  • Spencer Sandilands

    “What a wonderful gift. I had received it Friday before Christmas and had devoured it by Boxing
    Day. Such a fabulous story and although I was aware of your family from the Cashmore connection
    and Port Albert, your intertwining of that family with the subsequent other branches of your
    antecedents kept me riveted!. So few people in Australia would have such a background and even
    fewer would have tracked it downed pieced it together’

    (Former owner Spencer Scott Sandilands, Commercial Gallery, Australian Prints and Maps,

  • Gavin Silbert KC

    “Not only is it a beautiful book but it is a superb chronicle of our history, wonderfully written and a
    great gift to your immediate family as well as the wider family constellation”.

  • Henry and Natalie Miller AO

    “CONGRATULATIONS. The book is AMAZING. Of course I bought one and thrilled to have it as a
    legacy of our mutual Grandparents....your research is remarkable”

  • Kate Maddison - Surfers Paradise

    “Absolutely brilliant!!! Loved it beginning to end”

  • Wendy Ben-Galim

    “Your book is remarkable. Thought I would have a quick look. Not possible!! Once you open the
    book, does not matter on what page, it is so absorbing and time just disappears!”

  • Leonard Levy OAM

    “....You have achieved a wonderful milestone in your life's journey. I NEVER read a book for
    relaxation unless I am cruising. I am NOT cruising now and I have finished the entire book in a very
    short time. I felt that I did not want to stop reading your words. Such excellent word pictures,
    wonderful photos, and brilliant reproductions are hallmarks of this book.....”

  • Melody Curtis

    “There were so many parts that I laughed out loud and so much I learnt of those who came before
    me......I have never realised what a significant part Judaism had played in the lives of our
    Australian ancestors.....it also gave a great sense of Australian history.....the book is a treasure and
    I can’t thank you enough for all the work you have put into it”.

  • E Segal

    Have been reading your book for hours! Have not been able to put it down.....The humour,
    craftsmanship, detail etc etc are remarkable. 11 out of 10!”

  • Hannah Cohen

    “Congratulations Trevor! A wonderful achievement. A great book to read, treasure and keep. I
    enjoyed every page......”