Trevor Cohen’s The Greatest Gift uncovers the remarkable 200-year story of his Jewish family and its uniquely Australian journey, from convicts to prosperity. Cohen’s vivid tales of his family’s history are complemented by his significant collection of photographs, documents and memorabilia, which help bring the history of European settlement in Australia, and the development of Melbourne from a settler-colony to a metropolis, to life.

Commencing in 1817 with the conviction and transportation of two teenage forebears, The Greatest Gift traces the stories of Cohen’s ancestors who were actively involved in many significant historical events, as well as Melbourne social, sporting and commercial life.

Cohen describes his ancestors’ experiences in Melbourne’s earliest times, their commercial ventures and involvement in Jewish society and Australian political, sporting and social life.

Published by Real Publishing and beautifully hard cover bound, the book is 384 pages long, printed in full colour and illustrated throughout with photos and memorabilia from the author’s significant private collection.